English Bay Oil Spill Update

The Oiled Wildlife Society of BC would like to urge members of the public to refrain from approaching oiled wildlife in response to the recent oil spill in English Bay, Vancouver.  To report oiled wildlife in distress please call the hotline that has been activated for this spill: 604-873-7000.  Please note the following information […]

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Victoria Wildlife At Risk from Oil Spill

A spill of diesel fuel into the Esquimalt Gorge watershed this week has highlighted the need for systematic improvements to how regulatory agencies respond to oiled wildlife.
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Photo credit: Paul Steeves

25 Years after Exxon: BC wildlife still at serious risk

Strong similarities exist between British Columbia’s coastline and Alaska’s and, when coupled with British Columbia’s lack of oiled wildlife preparedness, means that our marine wildlife are at risk of suffering a similar fate in the event of a catastrophic oil spill.
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Photo credit: Paul Steeves

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