OWS’ purpose is to maintain preparedness for oiled wildlife response in British Columbia, including maintaining a centralized stockpile of equipment, establishing contingency plans, and providing training to key personnel.  We work with government agencies, industry, non-profit wildlife organizations, and professional wildlife responders to ensure oiled wildlife response is integrated into spill response for events that have the potential to impact wildlife on water and land in BC.

In the event of an oil spill, OWS provides logistical support to enhance communications between government agencies and spill response groups, and assistance in the coordination of highly-trained personnel.  Our experienced team also acts in a consultancy role for industry groups working to develop comprehensive oil spill contingency plans.



The OWS Board of Directors is a voluntary board consisting of individuals with diverse backgrounds in oil spill response, wildlife rehabilitation, veterinary medicine, business management and communications.

President – Linda Bakker
Vice-President – Christina Carrières
Treasurer – Karen Becker
Secretary – Lindsaye Akhurst
Director at Large – Dr. Glenn Boyle
Director at Large – Vivian Davidson


Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias)
Photo © Paul Steeves